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EWHP Storytelling always involves a narrative, that is first. Storytelling uses four components: storytelling uses words; uses actions—vocal, physical or gesture; presents a vision; includes originality. Storytelling encourages the active imagination of the listener (by reading on paper or with words). Every culture has its own definition of story.
Storytelling happens in many situations, from kitchen-table conversation to religious ritual.  Some storytelling situations demand informality; others are highly formal. Some demand certain themes, attitudes, and artistic approaches.

Storytelling happens in many situations, from kitchen-table conversation to religious ritual.  Some storytelling situations demand informality; others are highly formal. Some demand certain themes, attitudes, and artistic approaches.

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In 2019, in China, there was found a severe acute respiratory illness syndrome named coronavirus 2. WHO (World Health Organization) will declare the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic in the USA in 2020.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gave for being away from COVID-19. 
There were precautions you could take to prevent spreading it to others: isolation, masking, and avoiding contact with people who are at high risk of getting very sick. Isolation was used to separate people with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 from those without COVID-19. Everyone was looking for things to who have need that will be helpful. 

The Episcopal Women History Project knew that being spending many times is boring, and the EWHP Committee had an idea, with the President The Rev. Dr. Jo Ann Barker had an idea! 

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The Story of EWHP In the Late Fall of 2020, when the Pandemic was keeping everyone away from people and away from things enjoyable, the EWHP decided to create a Six Week Lenten Series featuring women who had made an impact on the Episcopal Church in the Spring. The title of the series was: WOMEN WORTH KNOWING.  
The Rev. Dr. Jo Ann Barker, President of EWHP was
be emcee

Six women offered to tell stories of six women who had made a difference in the Episcopal Church.  The information about the series at 2021 was announced as Women Celebrating Women.  The first was a great success; then came the year 2022; and then 2023. The series were tell the stories with the power of Zoom—which still a new year each day—and 2024 is coming. The History of stories about many women have told what these amazing women were introduced with historic people and present women love to tell the stories

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The Six Weeks About Six Women

Six women offered to tell stories of six women who had a difference in the Episcopal Church. The information about the series at 2021 was announced as Women Celebrating Women!!

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February 18:  Presenter: Dr. Joan Gundersen,
Historian and Archivist

Constance Baker Motley
Doing Justice
Meet the Episcopalian who became the face of NAACP in courtrooms across the South during the Civil Rights movement.

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February 25:  Presenter: Pan Adams McCaslin: One of first class of undergraduate women to enter The University of the South, Sewanee in 1969, and Chair of the Board of Archives for The Episcopal Church

Title: The Rev. Peggy Bosmeyer Campbell

First woman ordained in Arkansas—a priest, an organizer, a teacher

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March 4 ; Presenter: Sister Hannah 

of the Community of St. Mary’s, Sewanee; A calling to prayer: a way of life through 
care for the body, the soul, and the earth.

Title: Sister Constance and her Companions

—Known as the “Martyrs of Memphis,” as they cared for the sick and dying during the yellow fever epidemic of 1878.

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March 11, 2020 Presenters: The Rev. Kim Jackson

Priest in the Diocese of Atlanta and the first ever LGBTQ person elected to the Georgia state Senate.

The Rev. Nan Peete: 

Discussion Leader and VP of Episcopal Women’s History Project

Title: The Rev. Pauli Murray— 

An American civil rights activist who became a lawyer, a women’s rights activist, Episcopal priest, and author

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March 18: Presenter: Dr. Marty Wheeler Burnett

 Associate Professor of Church Music and Director of Chapel Music, Virginia Theological Seminary, and President of Association of Anglican Musicians.

Title: Hope, Joy, and Wonder: The Hymns of Rae E. Whitney

During her lifetime, Rae Whitney has witnessed remarkable changes in society and in the Episcopal Church. Her topics span the breadth of Christian life and experience. She has frequently chosen to write about women: women of the Bible, women saints, and feminine images of God.

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March 25: Presenter: Dr. Robin Woods Sumners

Professor of Child Development, Graphic Designer, writer, and entrepreneur.

Title: The Remarkable Life of Gertrude Sumners

Missionary Teacher in Kyoto, Japan from 1931-1967, civil volunteer worker during World War II, and life-long Episcopalian. Gertrude was my great aunt who told me how to love—she gave me a Japanese doll—the doll was very old and I was told—“To love her as she has been loved.”

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The Six Weeks Stories About Six Women  -- in 2022
New six women have offered to tell stories of six women who had a difference in the Episcopal Church.  The information about the series at 2022 was announced as Women Celebrating Women!!  Six new women to meet!

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March 3, 2022: Dr. Joan Gunderson

Dr. Joan Gunderson tells the story of Deaconess Ruth Byliesby 1865-1959

Titile of an Episcopal Women a Deaconess—

Tells the story of Ruth Byliesby 1865-1959,—a long period of time to travel to follow her call.

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March 12, 2022—Dr. Robin Sumners

Robin Sumners is to tell two important people to the Episcopal Church

The Title of Two Powerful People

The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church and the woman was the President of the Episcopal Church Women'— a woman and a man—who were to change the Episcopal Church.

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March 23, 2022 — Paula Jameson

Paula has been interesting how churches have come to be and this one is very interesting story.


C J Thompson was a woman also as known Lottie Deno, who lived an amazing life and finally settled in Deming New Mexico where she founded an Episcopal Church.

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Mar 27, 2022 — The Rev. Dr. Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook

Tells the stories of
two educators who taught many clergy and laity during their work in their careers in the Episcopal Church

Adelaide Teague Case
was born in Missouri but her family moved her to New York in her infancy. She attended Bryn Mawr College, She completed her Ph.D. at Columbia University and immediately began teaching at the Teachers' College there.

Verna Dozier— was the primary religious influences on ever since her childhood, were the Bible and the works of William Shakespeare. She knew the Bible backwards and forwards, always learning from its challenges.

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April 26,2022

Jo Wetherilt Behrens,
a writer, History Instructor; History Department Dual Enrollment Coodinator and archivist at University of Nebraska at Omaha. Jo will tell the story of Elizabeth Pittman, the first woman judge, and the first black judge in Nebraska.; Elizabeth earned a law degree at Nebraska University was the first black attorney in the state and one of only a few in the western United States.

Creighton awarded her an honorary doctorate in 1973, and in 1998, the university dedicated the Elizabeth Davis Pittman Building on its campus to mark the 50th anniversary of her receiving her law degree there.
Creighton University salutes her legacy with its Elizabeth Pittman Award, which honors Black graduates of Creighton’s School of Law “who possess the same qualities of excellence, perseverance, and dedication that made Judge Pittman such a truly outstanding role model for all law students and lawyers.”

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In this last program of the EWHP 2022 Lenten Series, Nan Peete shares stories about her friend Barbara Harris, the first woman consecrated as a Bishop in the Anglican Communion

In 1988, Peete was invited by the Archbishop of Canterbury to be a consultant for the Lambeth Conference, a conference of Bishops representing Dioceses around the world. She was the first ordained woman to address this body, which meets every ten years in Canterbury, Englan

Barbara Clementine Harris was an American bishop of the Episcopal Church in the United States. She was the first woman consecrated a bishop in the Anglican Communion. She was elected suffragan bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, on September 24, 1988, and was consecrated on February 11, 1989. Eight thousand people attended the service, which was held at the Hynes Convention Center in BostonMassachusetts

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The Third Series of Lenten Programs will be on line by December 2023—The 2023 programs will give an other six series of the history has women to will be very interesting.

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